My Name is Sky Stebnicki

I am an entrepreneur who likes to build (and help others build) great teams that produce amazing results.

My passion is people and I use technology to help organizations and people get better at what they do.

When I'm not building my own brands (see below), you can find me partnering with other organizations, both big and small, to help them become more effective.

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Most Recent Blog Posts

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Companies & Projects I Am Working on Building

Aereus Corporation

At Aereus we build applications and provide services that help people and organizations become more effective, efficient and successful.
Aereus Corporation

A web-based suite of integrated applications that make productivity, collaboration, and communication easy for organizations of any size.

Givacause is a website where you can save money on valuable coupons (think Groupon or Living Social) while sending a considerable portion of each purchase to a local cause of your choosing.

Site with the biggest potential to be an actual thread to the auction giant eBay due to a unique subscription model that allowes sellers to keep their winnings.
Online Auction
Your Body Code
Your Body Code Personalized Nutrition

A personalized nutrition, fitness and wellness program that is tailor made for the client to give you your individual code to burning fat, gaining muscle and re-gaining back your health.