Sky Stebnicki

Test Week

The below program is a 5 day program designed to get your current 1 rep max for deadlifts, bench, squat, shoulder press, barbell curls and bent over rows.

Max Test

Each Max Test routine looks like the following (bench used as example):
PM = Previous Max
x10 bar only to warm up
5x 50% of PM
3x 65% of PM
2x 80% of PM
1x 90% of PM
1x 100% of PM
1x Test! - increment a little more until you can't complete the rep

Do this for each move and be sure to record your best number.

Recording Measurements

Take some time to write down the date, and the following measurements:

R. Arm
L. Arm
R. Thigh
L Thigh
Total Inches (all above combined)
Body Fat

Take Pictures

In addition, take pictures of a number of poses. Use these same poses to track future progress.

The Routine

Each day contains a warmup and test exercise.

Warm-up (do every day)

Walking High Knee, 1x30

Walking Butt Kicks, 1x30

Walking Glute Stretch, 1x30

Side-to-side Adductor Stretch, 1x30

Reverse Lunge Rotation, 1x20

Squat (empty bar), 2x10
- triset -
Good Morning (empty bar), 2x10
- triset -
Romanian Deadlift (empty bar), 2x10

Gastroc/Seleus Stretch, 2x15 seconds per leg

Monday - Squat

Warm-up (above)

Max Test: Squat

Tuesday - Pullup and/or Rows

Warm-up (above)

Max Test: Pullups

Max Test: Bent-Over Row 

Wednesday - Bench

Warm-up (above)

Max Test: Bench Press

Thursday - Military Shoulder Press

Warm-up (above)

Max Test: Military Shoulder Press

Friday - Deadlift

Warm-up (above)

Max Test: Deadlift