Sky Stebnicki

High Frequency Mass

This is a mass program that employs a number of advanced training techniques in a high-frequency split. What that means is that pretty much every day is a full body day because our goal is to hit each muscle group almost daily with lower intensity so we can build volume over the full week. This approach has been shown to be particularly effective for advanced natural athletes because it maximizes exposure of each muscle group to stress throughout the week without inducing performance-killing over-training.

Training Techniques

Dropset - on your last set, immediately drop the weight 10% and do the maximum number of reps you can to failure.

Stripset - complete your last set, then walk your way backwards dropping 5-10lb for the total number of sets.

Pause-Rest  - similar to drop sets except you don't drop the weight. You do your last set, pause for 15 seconds, then do another set to failure.

Autoregulation - is a fancy word for adjusting your training to fit your body's needs.

Antagonist Superset - paring two different exercises back-to-back that work opposing muscle groups like chest and back, biceps and triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings, lateral/front deltoid and rear deltoid, abs and lower back.

Week 1 - Strip

Each workout follows the form: 3x8-12@50%,60%,70% > strip set x3

Start with 3 sets of 8 reps, but as you progress through the adapt phase (Week 3), then you may be increasing your reps prior to increasing your max.

The first set of 8 should be fairly easy at around 50% of your max, increase to 60% for the second set, then 70% for the third and immediately go to a drop set where you drop weight, do another set to failure, drop then do another set to failure, then drop the weights one more time and go to failure.

Week 2 - Drop

Each workout follows the form: 3x8-12@70% > drop set

Week 3 - Adapt

Each workout follows the form: 3x8-12@70%, pause for 15 seconds then do one more set to failure

If you are able to complete another full set, then increase your weight 2.5-5%. 

If you are able to do more than half a set (for an 8 rep set, if you can complete 6-7) then add one rep for the following next cycle. 

If you increase your weight and had previously increased your reps, drop back to 8 reps to begin the cycle all over again.

It is important that you write everything down to make sure you do not rob yourself of future progress!

Week 4 - Deload

This week should be used for recovery since the previous week should have pushed every muscle to the max.

The Workout for All Cycles



Weighted Dips
- superset - 
Reverse-Grip Barbell Row

Arnold Press
- superset - 

Weighted Crunch (balance ball)
- superset -
Standing Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raise
- superset -
Hanging Leg Raise, x25



Leg Extensions
- superset - 
Leg Curls

Concentration Curls
- superset -
Diamond Pushups

Lateral Raise
- giantset -
Front Raise
- giantset -
Behand the back raise (reverse fly)

Dumbbell Clear, 3x20
- circuit -
Sprint, 3x1m
- circuit -
Burpees, 3x25
- circuit -
Deadlift Landmines, 3x20


Bent Over Row

Romanian Deadlift
- superset -
Ab Wheen Rollouts

Single-Leg Leg Press
- superset -
Incline Barbell Bench

Barbell Curl
- superset -
Skull Crushers

Weighted Pullups
- superset -
Cable Weighted Crunch


Military Press

High Cable Crossover
- superset -
Seated Row

Medium Cable Crossover
- superset - 
Lat Pulldown

A: Zottman Curl
- giantset -
A: Cross-Body Curl
- giantset -
A: Protated Curl

Single Leg Burpee, 3x20
- circuit -
Mountain Climber Get-ups
- circuit -
Squat Jacks
- circuit -
Side Lunge Pops



Dumbbell Bench Press
- superset -
Incline Row

Weighted Chinups
- superset - 
Cable Pressdowns

Incline Dubbbell Fly
- superset -
Jackknife, x25

Dumbbell Shrug
- superset -
Oblique V-Ups