Sky Stebnicki

Alternatives to Google News Reader

I love to read nearly as much as I love to breathe. There are days where I'll stay up to the early hours of the morning enduring the dreadful thought of complete exhaustion the next day just to finish extracting that ever-so-useful bit of valuable information found on the pages of my current book.

In addition to my obsession with reading books, I have many blogs that I faithfully follow and read everything they produce. For years I loved Google reader because it aggregated all these blog articles for me and I could read through each article like I would new email coming into my inbox. Then lo and behold, last week I logged in to receive a dreadful dialog from Google announcing that they would be discontinuing Google Reader as of July 1!

Initially, I was not a happy camper. But in the competitive and innovative landscape of the internet revolution, I took quick comfort in knowing that there were probably dozens of competitors out there. But which one should I choose? After hours of research and testing I wrote the article found below that highlights what I think the best three alternatives are:

Alternative News Readers to Google Reader