High Frequency Mass

This is a mass program that employs a number of advanced training techniques in a high-frequency split. What that means is that pretty much every day is a full body day because our goal is to hit each muscle group almost daily with lower intensity so we can build volume over the full week. This approach has been shown to be particularly effective for... Read Full Article

Pure Strength

The Pure Strength routine is highly focused on building pure, unadulterated, raw strength.This program leverages a technique called Daily Undulating Periodization which changes the rep-range and weight from day-to-day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the very heaviest workout is the first of the day. It has a + next to it which means on the last set, do as many as you can to... Read Full Article

Muscle Confusion Mass

This program is about one thing: not allowing your muscles to get comfortable. It employs three distinct phases of mass-building routines, all designed to progressively build muscle mass.Phase 1This phase employs pyramid sets where you change your rep range with every set. When you see 4x12,10,8 that means you should lift the first set with 12 reps at the heaviest weight you can, then... Read Full Article

Complete Athlete

The complete athlete is a 7 day program for intermediate-advanced athletes that works on hypertrophy, strength, explosive power, agility, cardio, endurance, and flexibility. No weaknesses is the theme of this program. For strength days, push yourself to lift heavier and heavier so long as you can complete your reps.Power and agility days are all about velocity and explosiveness. Power is a measure of strength+speed. If... Read Full Article

Cut and Strong

This program is inspired by the tried and true Wendler 5/3/1, designed to increase strength for power lifters.For intermediate to advanced lifters, the chances of building muscle mass while cutting pretty slim - though studies have shown not impossible. Given this fact, the chief concern of this training program is to preserve as much strength and mass as possible during calorie deficiency. To that end... Read Full Article

531 Power and Strength

This program is largely based on the tried and true Wendler 5/3/1, designed for elite power lifters. I have modified it a bit for (1) simplicity (2) cardiovascular performance and (3) to add more structured full-body "auxiliary" exercises.Strength gains are made by intentionally lifting below your 1 rep max. It is key that you know you REAL 1RM (1 rep max) because if you... Read Full Article

Test Week

The below program is a 5 day program designed to get your current 1 rep max for deadlifts, bench, squat, shoulder press, barbell curls and bent over rows.Max TestEach Max Test routine looks like the following (bench used as example):PM = Previous Maxx10 bar only to warm up5x 50% of PM3x 65% of PM2x 80% of PM1x 90% of PM1x 100% of PM1x Test!... Read Full Article

Looking for People Who Want to Get Healthy

As many of you know, I am very passionate about health and nutrition. I am also an ardent, okay let's be honest, obsessive student of human behavioral science (psychology) because it helps explain the mysteries behind why we do, and don’t do, what we do. In our country (the USA) we have an interesting paradox. On the one hand we seem to be extremely health conscious. It... Read Full Article

What Would You Do if You Were Not Afraid?

If failure was not a concern, and resources were not an obstacle, what would you do differently with your life? It is a sad and tragic reality that the vast majority of us will never be able to answer, "I would do exactly what I am doing now."It is important to note that this question has nothing to do with what you have or... Read Full Article

Greatness is Acquired and Genius Can Be Learned

Any worthwhile achievement is born out of constant struggle, intense focus, and unrelenting hard work. We often falsely suppose that success comes easily and naturally to some, but the truth is that there is no such thing as an easy path to the top. Nietzche once wrote, "Don't talk to me about giftedness or inborn talents; one could name all kinds of great people who... Read Full Article

Perhaps Daily Deals Websites Are Finished

It looks like Americas fascination with the daily deal email is starting to fade. Does this mark the end of the daily deal websites? Read this interesting article for more information:Are Daily Deal Websites Dead?... Read Full Article

Guidelines for Writing Website Content

If you write content for a website or a blog you should take a look at this article which discusses some guidelines for different page types.Different Content Rules for Different Page Types... Read Full Article

Free Software Alternatives for Small Business & Startups

Software can get expensive! But if you are running a small business there are some tools you really can't live without. This article discusses a few free alternatives to some common applications every business should have.Free Software Options for Startups... Read Full Article

The Best SEO Tip You Will Ever Hear

Whether I am in a casual conversation with friends or in a business meeting, one of the most common questions I get asked in relation to Internet Marketing and Web Development is "What About SEO?"Here is an article I wrote with the most important SEO tip you'll ever hear (I'm not joking at all):The Most Effective SEO Technique Ever!... Read Full Article

Alternatives to Google News Reader

I love to read nearly as much as I love to breathe. There are days where I'll stay up to the early hours of the morning enduring the dreadful thought of complete exhaustion the next day just to finish extracting that ever-so-useful bit of valuable information found on the pages of my current book.In addition to my obsession with reading books, I have many... Read Full Article

How To Create Your Own Free Website

As a consultant I get asked all the time by friends starting a business what they can do to get a web presence if they don't have the money to hire a consultant? The truth is, there are lots of great options available and my take is that you should do all you can - even if it is create a simple one page... Read Full Article

What exactly is an intranet?

Intranet is a big word that seems to encompass a lot of things. But the idea is pretty simple, at it's core an intranet is just a website designed to share and collaborate on information within an organization. Check out this quick article I wrote about 3 major benefits to an intranet and how a small business might take advantage of these benefits even... Read Full Article

Microsoft Sharepoint and Small Business

70% of large intranets powered by Sharepoint. However, is it a good match for small business?Check out the article written for the Netric blog:Talking About Sharepoint... Read Full Article

Four keys to building a successful web application

Many web applications come and go but few succeed in capturing the heart and loyalty of users long enough to build and sustain success. I tackle what I believe to the the 4 keys found in nearly all successful web applications.Click here to read the full article on Read Full Article

Accepting Your Place

Not too long ago I was having a discussion with a man who thought that the problem with our culture is that people forgot how to "accept" their position in life.It took me a bit to calm my nerves as I was frustrated that anyone in a position of influence would say this - especially in relation to someone I cared about. Needless to... Read Full Article